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Although my walls are now new and fresh, they hold quite a bit of history! My owner had never even heard of
a Citroën H van before! That’s because we were never made or sold here in the USA. We were all built
in factories in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and only sold in that part of the world.

We were initially conceived in 1943 as a high capacity, lightweight, front wheel driven commercial van, full 
of innovation and the most advanced technology of our day! The first ever H van was shown in the Paris
Motor Show in 1947 and after World War II we were used for many different things including: delivery
vans, police cars, milk trucks, ice cream vans, and much more! We were made for only 33 short years,
which means that we are all old! Sadly, some of us were so beat up and thrown in junk yards where we couldn’t
be restored, making us very rare and hard to get. I was a lucky one!

I was born in 1969 in the Netherlands where I lived for a few years before I traveled down to the south of France
to become a milk delivery van! I witnessed so much history in France in that era and got to meet so many people
bringing them their daily dose of milk! From there I was bought and sent all the way back to my home
in Holland! My new owners converted me into a camper and I got to travel all over the Netherlands with them
and see so many amazing places including “Den Bosch” and “Hoge Veluwe National Park”. My owners
decided to sell me after years of traveling and camping with them.

I was bought by someone in the United Sates! I didn’t know her name or what I would be used for next. After many
months and work on me so I could operate in the U.S., I got on a carrier truck and two ships overseas to my new home!
It took 10 months for me to get here! I arrived in the port of Baltimore and met my new mom there! Her name is Taylor!
She took me to Georgia to get converted on the inside. I heard the people working on me talk about flowers
and and specifically flower crowns, a lot. When my inside was done I was picked up and brought to Nashville, TN where
I got painted and got to explore the place I now get to call home, and I found out my new purpose! I am now a
one-of-a-kind mobile fresh flower crown boutique custom designed to provide you with fresh flower crowns, because
life is better with a flower crown. I am so lucky, I get to be filled with beautiful fresh flowers and greens and
be a part of so many people’s special moments! My mom says I can be rented for weddings, birthdays, festivals, events
and more!  My time in France and the Netherlands was fun but I am happy to say that this will be my
home for forever (my new mom told me so).

I am so excited to continue to grow my history of meeting new people and seeing new places and I can’t wait to meet you guys!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I got my name?
You will just have to come and ask me!

- Love Always,
                                              Gertie, The Citroën H. Van

Ready to have some fun!

Gertie and Taylor have very busy schedules running around Nashville! If getting Gertie to your event is something you want to do, fill out the form and get started!

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