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Hi I’m Taylor! And this is my story…

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Welcome to Taylor'd Crowns!


Many people have asked me if I have always wanted to open a flower crown truck. And quite honestly, the answer is no. But I have always 

loved flowers, because flowers make people happy! (Am I wrong?)… But what’s better than flowers?! A flower crown!

I knew from the time I was born I wanted to do something where I could build relationships, and create great things with people from all 

stages, places, and areas of life. I have always dreamt of starting a business out of a rare truck that people from all over would want to 

come see, and I vividly remember the way I felt the first time I placed a flower crown upon my head; simply beautiful. Even more, I have 

always wished that one day, I was able to do something that can inspire, support, and help others achieve their dreams too! And voila! 

After months of research and pitching this crazy idea to my parents, “Taylor’d Crowns” was born! Well kind of (nothings ever that simple). 

I wanted to find a van that was absolutely perfect and that wasn’t easy. I started researching “cool vintage trucks” (literally, that’s what I 

typed in Google). As you can imagine, many pictures were popping up, but it wasn’t until I saw (what I didn’t know at the time) was a 

Citroën H Van. My whole life I have been obsessed with France. The food, the fashion, the flowers, and the cars. So as you can imagine, I 

was mesmerized; this van was; vintage, foreign, historic, so ugly it was cute, and very rare. Right then I knew I needed one.

The problem was, I didn’t even know what it was called (because everything was in French)… so I sent this picture to my mom and dad and 

from there, it’s been quite the journey. After many months of research, hard work, and my parents constant support, we found our girl 

“Gertie”. Getting her here wasn’t easy, and the journey even after she arrived has gone less than smooth, but it was more than worth it! I 

now get to follow my dreams of creating something I love, and others love too! And I get to do it in the city of creators! I get to not only be 

a part of so many peoples special moments, but I get to help others create and grow too. And maybe, just maybe…. that might make me 

happier than flower crowns ( I said maybe he he). I can’t wait to meet all of you, and I know “Gertie” can’t wait too!



Core Values


We believe in loving and empowering others. We want to spread the love! We aspire to help, support, and encourage other businesses to grow, and succeed in the process of creating something we love; flower crowns!

Our Customers Matter

Without you, our crowns wouldn’t come to life! We love seeing our creations on you guys! We strive to have the highest quality customer service and want to make sure everyone who visits us knows how special they are.

Detail and Quality

Details matter, and so do you! Our crowns are hand-crafted, unique and thoughtfully created just for you! We take time on each crown and pay special attention to details. Made from the highest quality greens and blooms, hand-picked multiple times a week, because we believe you deserve only the BEST

Every queen needs a crown! Avoid FOMO and stay up to date with everything flower crowns.

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